Any way to recover a project if it disappears?

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Any way to recover a project if it disappears?

Postby Ricklh57 » 14 Mar 2016, 00:54

:o Any other users here lose everything inexplicably? I spent quite a bit of time on a song project today, and then went out of the app to boot up Audiobus in order to add an instrument from another app. When I brought Looptical into the AB output to bring up the project I had been working on, all the tracks and instruments were nowhere to be found...the song was gone. I went out of Audiobus and then back into Looptical, hoping it was just a glitch with Audiobus, but the song was still wiped out...nothing there but the default Piano. Luckily, I had saved the song in Audioshare and I was able to import the song as a WAV back into Looptical so all is not lost but I'll still have to re-do quite a bit to finish the song as a result of this. MooCow mod, any idea why this might have happened? I'm using an iPad 3, iOS 7 and did see a "Low Memory" warning so maybe that contributed to it.

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Re: Any way to recover a project if it disappears?

Postby MooCowMusic » 18 Mar 2016, 22:30

Very sorry this has happened.
A Low Memory Warning implies that iOS is about to kill Looptical because it feels it is using too much memory (due to the amount of instruments you have loaded etc). And an iPad 3 is a fairly older model in terms of processor and RAM.
If that happens then no warning is given to Looptical and so if it is in the middle of saving the song then it could corrupt the save file, or if it hasn't saved the song recently then it will not have time to do so. Looptical saves at various points, but can't constantly save every time you play some notes. Visiting the Project Manager screen will automatically save, for example.
To avoid this happening again, it is useful to periodically save a backup by going to the Project Manager and hitting Duplicate and then calling it something like "MySong2" "MySong3" etc. Then you can always go back to a previous version if you make a mistake, or just want to head off in a new musical direction.

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