Save or export

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Save or export

Postby Emcreech » 08 Feb 2014, 05:59

I love this app. Best $3.99 I ever spent. Twice. I had to reset my phone & lost everything. I knew I'd loose all my songs, but was no big tragedy. I just use it to play my parts for church choir, but sometimes we might repeat something a year or so later and I could avoid having to peck it out again.

SO. . . Is there anyway to save your Pianist creations off the phone? Like to iCloud with backups of your contacts, etc.

Is there a way to export, so I could share a recording with another struggling choir member?

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Re: Save or export

Postby MooCowMusic » 09 Feb 2014, 13:34

You should not have been charged twice. Once you purchase from the App Store, you can download as many times as you want for free. You will only have problems if you change your iTunes account.

You cannot export tracks in Pianist. But I highly encourage you to take a look at our Looptical app, which contains all the functionality of Pianist but where you also have (guessing at what might interest you) church organ sounds amongst hundreds of other instruments, the ability to plug in a MIDI keyboard, effects such as reverb, export your song as MIDI or an audio file, or share the project file with someone else, make your own instruments and overdub your own audio tracks. And so on. Check it out.

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