Problem getting the Network MIDI to work

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Problem getting the Network MIDI to work

Postby ollybolly » 18 Jan 2014, 14:27


I would like to use Pianist Pro to talk directly to software I have on my iMac (Garageland, Muscore etc).
I've followed the instructions provided with the app, and watched the youtube clip (i.e. in the app the MIDI OUT is set to "NETWORK", MIDI IN is off, channel 1 is selected and MIDI control is turned on). However, when I view the MIDI Network Setup window on my iMac there is nothing to see in the Session or Directory windows, whereas in the youtube clip it seems that my ipad should appear there to be enabled.

Could you please offer me some advice as this app looks like it would potentially be extremely useful.

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Re: Problem getting the Network MIDI to work

Postby MooCowMusic » 26 Jan 2014, 21:17

Hi there.

Sorry you are having trouble with this. When you start Pianist Pro with the settings you mention, then you should see the name of your iPad appear on your Mac in the Audio MIDI Settings. It's a fairly basic call to Network MIDI from Pianist Pro, and the Network driver is built-in to OSX, so there's not much I can offer as help from the perspective of Pianist Pro. Apple make the appropriate connections behind the scenes.

The standard things apply: check that your iPad and Mac are on the same wireless network, and there's nothing else interfering. You can, for example, change the port in case that is already in use. Also a reboot of the Mac in the slim chance you haven't. From memory I found that Network MIDI didn't work for me the first time until I rebooted. Maybe try a direct computer-computer connection between Mac and iPad just to rule out your wifi router? Nothing else springs to mind, however. Sorry.

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