Instrument pack 2 (21 instruments)

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Instrument pack 2 (21 instruments)

Postby Maarten » 17 Dec 2014, 22:27

In addition to the 57 orchestral instruments that I posted a few weeks ago, I've created a second pack with the following instruments:

Alto sax, Brass effects, Dramatic string fx, Glitch Hop Kit, Nylon Guitar harmonics, Hybrid percussion, Medieval bells, Mellotron brass, Mellotron cello, Mellotron choir, Mellotron flute, Mellotron violins, Mellotron woodwinds, Old upright piano, Metal power chords, Psalterium, Reverse fx, Rock drums, Tenor sax, vibraphone

Note: the 'hybrid percussion' instrument contains one wrong sample. It is placed on the C#4 note. Please delete it after installing the instrument.

All the used audio content comes from free sample packs or soundfonts that have been floating around the web for years. The Metal power Chords instrument is home made.

I've packed everything up into one big zip file (over 500 mb) as it takes a lot of work to create a download link for each individual instrument. Please download the file to your computer, unzip and copy all the files to Loopticals 'document' folder. I use ifunbox for this (I know for a fact that the ipad app Audioshare can open zip files, but either it doesn't accept very big files or I haven't waited long enough for the file to open. Let me know if you have more luck!). After you've imported an instrument into your project (Go to the 'project' screen, select 'import' and then 'instrument'), save it to the category of your choice.

You can download the instrument pack here:

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