Looptical V1.0.1

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Looptical V1.0.1

Postby MooCowMusic » 19 Sep 2013, 00:43

- "Filter And Volume" option added for the vertical axis in Scale Keyboard, allowing you to fade in a note with both volume and filter frequency with a single gesture for increased emphasis.

- Left-handed guitar mode added to the Chord Guitar, stringing the guitar EBGDAE instead of EADGBE and flipping the preset chord patterns accordingly.

- Start octave setting is now applied in the Guitar Chord Edit screen.

- Graphical glitch on 3.5 inch display devices where the mute / solo / FX buttons on channel 6 were always lit has been fixed.

- New demo track added: "DEMO - WubWub".

- Fixed an issue with importing user-created instruments from iTunes Shared Folder and email.

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