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by senhorlampada
15 Oct 2017, 17:15
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Topic: Stem export
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Stem export

Hey, Mark!
Hope everything's ok over there ;)

Is there any option to export individual tracks as stems?

by senhorlampada
23 Apr 2014, 20:38
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Duplicate track/Copy notes
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Duplicate track/Copy notes

Hey there! Do you have any plans on implementing some way to duplicate tracks so we can layer them? I was talking on the iPad Musician group on facebook some other day and thought that would be awesome... Let's say I recorded a bassline and wanted to layer it with another bass track... It would be a...
by senhorlampada
23 Jan 2014, 13:39
Forum: Support
Topic: Looptical not working on iPod Touch 5th Generation
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Re: Looptical not working on iPod Touch 5th Generation

Sorry for not reading the whole response, MooCowMusic... lol
But I have a solution for the OP.

You gotta raise the latency to High (512)

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